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The “Endless Summer”, a Yamaha AR 252S Jet Boat, will allow you and your group to sit comfortably and experience your boat day in style!

– At Gulf Coast Charters of St. Pete Beach, we are driven to make your experience one of a kind in all aspects to include the boat. The “Endless Summer” is a 25 foot Yamaha 252S Model JetBoat. This vessel is made to deliver an all around experience. In the interior, the Endless Summer is equipped with new upgraded upholstery with a popping tan, white, and black finish that will make your boat for the day stand out from the rest! This 25 foot vessel has ample amounts of room in terms of sitting room for you and the group, also equipped with five large compartments that will hold your belongings. The boat’s mid ship is lined with a glass windshield that will block the majority of the incoming wind and sea spray if there were to be any in rougher conditions. Lastly, the back 60% of the vessel is shaded with a bimini frame that is able to be taken down at any time.

-The Endless Summer is powered by twin inboard 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.8 Liter High Output Yamaha Marine Engines. The twin inboard engines allow the boat to reach higher speeds to get to multiple destinations within one trip, while also allowing the boat to access shallower areas to accommodate your island hopping desires more efficiently. The JetBoat is composed of a V shaped Hull which is designed to slice through choppy waters more comfortably than most vessels.

-This vessel brings the fun to the experience more than anything. With a unique built in sound system alongside a built in subwoofer, your trip will be filled with your favorite tunes from start to finish. With this vessel being popular in the watersports community, it is known to be a wakeboat in which people will wake surf off of. What this means is we have the capability of drawing dolphins to the back of our boat to jump in and out of our boat wake due to its size and maneuverability!

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Trips that are cancelled within 24 hours of departure time will result in a 50% refund of total charges. Trips that are cancelled outside of the 24 hour departure range will result in a 100% refund of total charges. In terms of inclement weather, bad conditions, or circumstances that may result in the trip not going, their will be a 100% refund of total charges unless rebooked to another day.


Here are a handful of our FAQ’s by our customers. We hope some of these may answer your questions! If not please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time.

Yes! In fact, we encourage our groups to bring food and beverages that will last them the full length of the trip for their own enjoyment!

Yes! Ages do not play any affecting role in our charters. We make it enjoyable and comfortable for young children all the way to older adults.

We are fully aware that weather in Florida is hard to predict in most cases. With this in mind, we are on top of all future forecasts days in advance, and will provide more than enough time and opportunity to rebook your trip or refund you if unavailable to rebook.

Cancellations from customers within 24 hours of trip departure will result in 50% refunds. If canceled outside of 24 hours, there will be a 100% issued refund at all times. Weather, sea state, or boat error will result in a 100% refund as well.

The “Endless Summer” is a drug free vessel in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations. Tobacco (Cigarettes) are allowed to be brought onto the vessel but cannot be smoked unless fully stopped and on the swim platform, or off on the islands. E-Cigs (Vaping) is allowed during all operation times.