The Captain

About the Captain

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a private charter with your family under the utmost care and guidance under Capt. Justice Kidwell!
-Capt. Justice Kidwell owns and operates Gulf Coast Charters of St. Pete Beach. He has been visiting St. Pete Beach before moving there officially since he was a young kid. -He officially began his love for the water at a young age. His father introduced him to the world of being on the water starting with renting jet skis every family vacation. From then on the passion for being on the water was instilled. -As a freshman in college studying Criminal Justice, the true experience in the field of watersports and working the field became present at a boat rental company in St. Pete Beach. Renting out boats, learning the maintenance, and memorizing the waterways by heart lead into the years of 1-3 jet ski tours a day. From there, Justice moved onto a better opportunity being a Licensed Captain at Suncoast Watersports. From being on a Parasail Boat for hours and hours, to running banana boats in tough conditions, to doing rib boat transfers from the beach to the parasail vessels all have equipped him to have the knowledge and skill set he has today. -Capt. Justice prides himself on being a professional/well mannered individual first before anything. Your experience is his number one priority, and he will move mountains to make you feel like family for the few hours you are with him!

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Trips that are cancelled within 24 hours of departure time will result in a 50% refund of total charges. Trips that are cancelled outside of the 24 hour departure range will result in a 100% refund of total charges. In terms of inclement weather, bad conditions, or circumstances that may result in the trip not going, their will be a 100% refund of total charges unless rebooked to another day.


Here are a handful of our FAQ’s by our customers. We hope some of these may answer your questions! If not please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time.

Yes! In fact, we encourage our groups to bring food and beverages that will last them the full length of the trip for their own enjoyment!

Yes! Ages do not play any affecting role in our charters. We make it enjoyable and comfortable for young children all the way to older adults.

We are fully aware that weather in Florida is hard to predict in most cases. With this in mind, we are on top of all future forecasts days in advance, and will provide more than enough time and opportunity to rebook your trip or refund you if unavailable to rebook.

Cancellations from customers within 24 hours of trip departure will result in 50% refunds. If canceled outside of 24 hours, there will be a 100% issued refund at all times. Weather, sea state, or boat error will result in a 100% refund as well.

The “Endless Summer” is a drug free vessel in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations. Tobacco (Cigarettes) are allowed to be brought onto the vessel but cannot be smoked unless fully stopped and on the swim platform, or off on the islands. E-Cigs (Vaping) is allowed during all operation times.