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Private Full-Day Boat Trip
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Full-Day Boat Tour

This eight hour tour is the perfect day on the water experience. From an early afternoon departure to a night time arrival, this trip gives you the opportunity to do a little bit of everything on the list of possibilities!
With eight hours for this trip. There is no set in stone itinerary. These eight hours will be dedicated to you and your group having a customizable experience from start to finish. From anchoring at multiple islands in one day, to bar hopping, to eating at waterfront restaurants, to night cruising, this trip will leave you with endless opportunities to go where you please with no time constraint.
The full day eight hour trip is the perfect way to spend a day on the water with your group with ample amounts of time to do a little bit of everything. The eight hour time frame gives you access to our search in Wildlife, stops at our local sandbars and barrier keys, and more time cruising our local waterways. The eight hour tour opens up a couple more options for our groups during the day such as bar hopping, and even restaurant stopping for some lunch at our best local waterfront restaurants in the area! At night time, our eight hour tour allows you to catch the sunset, cruise over to the Skyway bridge at night and observe it lit up, restaurant stops for dinner, and cruising the waterways at night to see infrastructures light up the waters!

Pricing and Reservations

Private Full-Day Charters
  • 8 Hour Tour $1,100

    • Daily Departures at 11:30 AM
    • Includes Up to Six Passengers
    • Same day booking on Holidays can be subject to upcharge. Book your spot in advance!

  • Memorable Photo Package +$30

    • What better way to make an experience more memorable than having pictures for a lifetime? With our Nikon D7500 Digital Camera, you can receive up to 100+ photos of the group on the boat, different scenery shots, and much more!

  • Captain
  • Fuel
  • Snacks
  • Hydration
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels

Pick up location may vary due to where you and your group will be arriving from. Please fill out our section in the checkout that will let us know where you are staying to ensure an easier pickup location for you and your group!

Full-Day - 8 Hour Charter

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Trips that are cancelled within 24 hours of departure time will result in a 50% refund of total charges. Trips that are cancelled outside of the 24 hour departure range will result in a 100% refund of total charges. In terms of inclement weather, bad conditions, or circumstances that may result in the trip not going, their will be a 100% refund of total charges unless rebooked to another day.


Here are a handful of our FAQ’s by our customers. We hope some of these may answer your questions! If not please feel free to reach out and contact us at any time.

Yes! In fact, we encourage our groups to bring food and beverages that will last them the full length of the trip for their own enjoyment!

Yes! Ages do not play any affecting role in our charters. We make it enjoyable and comfortable for young children all the way to older adults.

We are fully aware that weather in Florida is hard to predict in most cases. With this in mind, we are on top of all future forecasts days in advance, and will provide more than enough time and opportunity to rebook your trip or refund you if unavailable to rebook.

Cancellations from customers within 24 hours of trip departure will result in 50% refunds. If canceled outside of 24 hours, there will be a 100% issued refund at all times. Weather, sea state, or boat error will result in a 100% refund as well.

The “Endless Summer” is a drug free vessel in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations. Tobacco (Cigarettes) are allowed to be brought onto the vessel but cannot be smoked unless fully stopped and on the swim platform, or off on the islands. E-Cigs (Vaping) is allowed during all operation times.